About Us


Founded in 2017, Virtoso Clothing is an active wear company established in Montreal, Quebec, with its products and services offered worldwide. We strongly believe that success is about teamwork and social engagement, which is why many of our company’s projects are developed in the interest of its city and community. The company’s name comes from the word Virtuoso, meaning to be skilled in a certain pursuit, and our official slogan is Train With Style.  


Why did we start?

Virtoso Clothing is not just a business. The primary reason for its creation came from a sport-related incident that occurred to one of its founders. With all of the support received from the community and current partners, we decided to start this brand not only as an outlet for our passion for fitness, but to show that giving up is an option but not the solution. 


Our work process

We believe that a strong community grows with the help of a great team. It is also important to us to make our surroundings a part of that team. That's why most of our product development is based in Montreal and the surrounding areas. Our local work strategy helps to improve communication between teams, ensuring a perfect quality control process and a reliable and efficient customer satisfaction service. 


Virtoso Clothing Production Line


What Do We Offer?

Virtoso Clothing is divided into two primary categories. The first one, is the Brand alone, with a vest choice a product under the brand's recognition.

The second one is the company's corporate services that it offers to clients wanting to make clothe orders of any kind for any purpose such as uniforms and recognition events. 


The Team

Virtoso Clothing is a project started by 4 young and committed entrepreneurs. Carlos David H., Jeremy Jetté, Pierrick B. & Julio Cesar Usmanova


Why are we different?

Virtoso Clothing is a company that focuses on building a better future and community. We do that by helping young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, and giving them new opportunities. By being part of the team and giving them advice on how to create a better future and develop their ideas, we also involve them in the development of direct projects, where they acquire responsibilities and the opportunity to develop their own ideas.


The Logo

The logo is the combination of both "V" & "C", standing for Virtoso Clothing. Virtoso was chosen from the word Virtuoso, as a description of the company's creative and artistic vision. 


Virtoso Clothing Logo