Terms & Conditions For New Members Becoming Part Of Virtoso Clothing


Please find bellow the terms and conditions for new team member integrators. 

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1. I will not in any manner whatsoever do or say anything to damage the name, personally or on personal account or via the use of the Company’s blogging and/or text management page(s).

2. I will fully respect and maintain the confidentiality of the Company’s strategic work and/or marketing tactics, as well as any confidential information shared between Team Members of the Company.

3. I fully understand and accept that in the event I am in breach of or intentionally refuse to abide by these Obligations, Terms and Conditions, my employment with the Company will immediately become subject to termination and/or I will be compelled to immediately resign as a Team Member of the Company. In such an event, I will not become entitled to any form of compensation or remuneration from the Company nor will I be in a position to demand a meeting or discussion with the Executive Managing Director (“EMD”) of the Company.


 4. I fully understand and accept that the EMD holds the full and irrevocable right to either lay off or terminate the employment of any Team Member and to demand for and retrieve all rights, duties and authority given to a Team Member to manage and/or operate any official site or social media platform designated to the Team Member at any given time in the course of the Team Member’s employment.

5. I fully understand and accept that, prior to any lay-off or termination of my employment, the EMD must notify a Team Member of such event two (2) weeks prior thereto, both verbally and by written notice. Alternatively, in the event that I or any other Team Member intend or propose to resign from the Company, I must duly inform the EMD of such intention no less than two (2) weeks prior thereto, both verbally and by written notice.

6. I fully understand and accept that, in the event I maintain a blog or any other form of social media platform for the Company during the course of my employment with the Company, upon the termination of my employment or a lay-off, my name and/or username can or may no longer be utilized by the Company in the course of its business and I will have no right to demand the same, either verbally or in writing.

7. I fully understand and accept that I have complete exclusive right to my own name for use in social media and/or other platforms for commercial purposes other than those of the Company. I am entitled to have my name removed from any media involving or related to the Company at any given time after my employment ends with the Company PROVIDED THAT I formally advise the EMD of the same either verbally or in writing.

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